Our Guarantee

With Money Tree Billing, LLC, you have nothing to lose because we take all the risk.  We are proud of our superior collection percentage and we take it personally if we don’t collect your money.  But we also know in the business world it’s very easy to advertise great results without any factual backing. That’s why we’ve structured our fees so that we get paid only when you get paid.  Plus, we back our services with our “No Claim Left Behind” guarantee. If your claim goes unpaid due to our error, we will credit you the amount you would have been paid on that claim. You won’t find another guarantee like it in the industry, but it’s the best way we could think of to demonstration how strongly we believe in our services.

THE BOTTOM LINE:   If you aren’t being paid for services, and your practice isn’t profitable, you can’t keep your doors open to serve your community. You’re out of work and so is your entire staff.

Practice success requires a “team approach” and with Money Tree Billing, LLC as an extension of your team, you can experience the same amazing results as our clients..

Find out if Money Tree Billing, LLC is the right decision for your office by calling us directly at 763-331-0358 to schedule a complimentary consultation.  As an extension of your team, we would be honored to put our experience to work for you.