About Us

At Money Tree Billing, LLC, we specialize solely in the billing needs of chiropractic offices.  Our goal is to free our clients from billing hassles and red tape, allowing them to focus on more important matters; patient health, patient education, and practice growth.

If you’re feeling bogged down by the insurance billing process and experiencing denied claims, cash-flow problems, and stress and frustration as a result, you’ll be relieved to know there is a better way!

Outsourcing your insurance billing to Money Tree Billing, LLC, is the solution!  

Yes, imagine what it would be like to know that your billing was being overseen by a team of knowledgeable experts.  That’s the trust our clients have put in us and we do everything we can to deserve their confidence.

Our team has a collective 40+ years of chiropractic billing experience and has firsthand knowledge of how the typical chiropractic office functions.  In addition, we are Certified Chiropractic Reimbursement Specialists through the ChiroCode Institute so you can be confident that your claims are being submitted accurately.

We relied heavily on our experience when structuring our systems and service guidelines, which is why our process is unique to our company and delivers exceptional results for our clients.  Our results speak for themselves…

 We have a 96% average collection ratio.  This is much higher than most 
other billing companies and internal billing departments.

But, we’re not just experienced billing specialists…we’re also dedicated chiropractic patients. That’s why we’re so passionate about your needs; we know that a worry-free successful billing system will allow our doctors and their teams to focus on the health and wellness of their patients, their communities and our world.  That’s why when we say our goal is your success, we mean it.