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As our billing processes continue to become more and more electronic in nature, insurance carriers and provider portals are looking for ways to consolidate and/or link information to streamline and simplify processes for all of us.  Availity is the provider website (portal) for several insurance carriers, varying by location. Because Federal regulations now require payers to verify provider directory information every 90 days, Availity has updated their portal so that providers can update their information using pre-populated forms containing most of your current information on file.  Once you correct any errors and verify that all your information is correct, Availity will update all participating payers they are linked to for you. They also allow you the option to download your verified information to use in order to notify other payers of your current information.

To take advantage of this option, you will need to log into your Availity account.  Every 90 days you will see a notification alert reminding you to please review, update & verify your information.

More information can be found on the Availity website here.

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