Did you know that Chiropractors, PT’s and OT’s are considered eligible professionals and you MAY WANT to report to MIPS even IF you don’t meet the low volume threshold?

LOW VOLUME THRESHOLD 2019;  you only need to meet 1 of the following criteria to be EXCLUDED from required MIPS reporting:

  • Have ≤ $90K in Part B allowed charges for covered professional services,
  • Provide care to ≤ 200 Part B enrolled beneficiaries, OR
  • Provide ≤ 200 covered professional services under the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS)

VOLUNTARY Reporting: there is an option to VOLUNTARILY report in 2019. For individual eligible clinicians and groups to make an election to opt-in or voluntarily report to MIPS, they would make an election via the Quality Payment Program portal by logging into their account and simply selecting either the option to opt-in (positive, neutral, or negative MIPS adjustment) or to remain excluded and voluntarily report (no MIPS adjustment).

Please use the lookup tool HERE to see if YOU are required to REPORT:

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