Starting 4-1-2019 BCBS of MN has a policy update affecting ONLY Medicaid & Medicare BCBS Policies.

Policy types impacted are as follows:

  • MHCP (MN health care programs) including Blue Advantage Families and Children
  • MSC + – Minnesota Senior Care & MN Care
  • MSHO Senior Secure Blue

You are NOT allowed to list any other diagnosis codes on your claim forms other than M99.01 thru M99.05.

EXCEPT if Regular Medicare is primary.

If regular Medicare is primary you diagnosis like normal with a Subluxation Code Primary and your Symptoms codes secondary.


  • Claims will deny as NON-Covered if you are not complying with this update
  •  For your standard BCBS policies please continue to diagnose as normal
  • We will set account to your “Money Tree Missing Info” list if we start to see denials on an account BUT to avoid this, we recommend over the next 10-14 days you start to recognize these policies and update your diagnosis codes accordingly

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