Remind patients of their appointments through text messaging directly through ECLIPSE® at no additional cost. You can send an individual reminder to one patient or send reminders to all patients scheduled for any given date or date range.

Better compliance with a treatment plan = better results. 

If you do not have a current subscription or need help downloading an update, call 1-352-488-0081 for assistance. 

Directions: How can I send text messages to patients to remind them of an upcoming appointment?

ECLIPSE provides a variety of ways to contact your patients. These feature vary in simplicity based on the options offered by each…

Individual Appointment

  1. Right-click the patient’s appointment within the scheduler.
  2. If the option is available, a check mark will appear next to Send text message.
  3. Selecting this option will display a mini-editor with default text.
  4. Use as-is or change or text.
  5. Press OK to send

Multiple Appointments / Multiple Patients

Basic method: From the scheduler tab…

  1. Within the Appointments tab, select the Print/Export tab.
  2. Select your date and/or time range.
  3. Scheduled appointments is checked by default. *Uncheck this box.
  4. Select Send basic text messages to patients who can receive them in the Other options checklist.
  5. Press Print/Process to all patients who fit the selected criteria.

Advanced method #1 – Appointment Recall Feature…

Set specific advance timing features separately for each appointment as it’s created for a customized reminder date. To ensure this is configured properly, click on File -> Utilities -> Configuration -> System or Workstation. Click on the Appointments tab and set the Recall Defaults.

  • Advance notice in days when setting automatically: Specify the number of days by clicking the drop down arrow.
  • Only set automatically if appointment is x days in the future: Click the drop down arrow and select the number of days.

Routinely (e.g. daily/weekly), access the Appointment Recall report from the Reports menu.

  1. From the Reports menu, select Appointment Recall.
  2. Change the Report objective to Send form letters.
  3. Enter your Recall Date Range.
  4. Under Selected Template, select Use Portal / Email / Text only (in priority order).
  5. Check Send as text message to patient’s cell phone within the Email/text options list.
  6. Enter a subject (e.g.”Your Appointment”) as the Email/text subject.
  7. Press the Browse button to select a previously created form letter (text merge) file template.
  8. Select a provider. If left at 0-0 it will generate for all providers.
  9. Add an related filters.
  10. Select Create/Process to begin the process.

Advanced method #2 – Form Letters

  1. Access the Form Letters / Text Merge report from the Reports menu.
  2. Press the Browse button to select a previously created form letter (text merge) file template.
  3. Select your delivery method – Click the drop-down arrow and select Use selected portal/email/text options only (in priority order)
  4. Check Send as text message to patient’s cell phone within the Portal/Email/Text options checklist.
  5. Enter a subject (e.g.”Your Appointment”) as the Email/Text subject.
  6. Add any related filters.
  7. Select Create Report to begin the process.

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