In addition to all the customization already available in the encounter, you can now create your own MACROS.

This can speed up the entry of an Initial & Daily notes exponentially!

Pre-load data into templates & save any series of Macros with as little or as much data as you like. This is the equivalent of pre-filling one or more templates at once. You can select one or more saved Macros & apply them simultaneously.

From any blank or existing Encounter template, pre-fill any set of Encounter fields with data & save them as one or more Macros to be recalled later into your Encounter for any patient.

To use this feature, highlight any field in the template and Right click. Next select Apply/Add/Modify Macros from the context sensitive menu in ECLIPSE. You can assign a name & category to each Macro you create & sort your Macros by both name & category. (Please see blog entry here with regard to using documentation shortcuts.) Your saved Macro will appear in the box above.

To use your Macro in a different patient’s record, From the Encounter – select and launch the appropriate template, highlight any field in the template and Right click, select Apply/Add/Modify Macros, select your preferred Macro and press “Add selected to Encounter” and the data will populate into the template you selected.

*In order to use Macros, you need to have the July 19, 2019 version of ECLIPSE or later. Not on a current subscription? Call ECLIPSE EHR Solutions at 1-352-488-0081.

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