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My why. 

My oldest daughter, Danica (Dani), just turned 18. She’s excited and I’m reflective. I’ve caught myself thinking back through the years, shaking my head at how fast she’s grown up. There were times when I wished this day would come sooner, and now…

Dani was born with a rare bone disease (Camurati Engelmann’s Syndrome). We didn’t start to see signs until she was about 4 months old. She wasn’t actually diagnosed until after she turned 5. It’s such a rare condition that she spent years passed from specialist to specialist. She was poked, prodded, tested and then tested some more.

At 2, one specialist wanted to put her on Vioxx. Her condition is degenerative and at 3, she was fitted for her wheelchair. At 5 another prescribed Neurontin to help “block” the pain and at 10 our specialist told us the standard recommended treatment was regularly scheduled steroid injections. 

None of these recommendations sat well with us. Instead we chose chiropractic, prayer, and other natural treatments. She’s been adjusted almost every week since she was 3 days old.

Her journey hasn’t been easy, and it also hasn’t been what was “expected”. Her condition falls under the Muscular Dystrophy category and is considered degenerative, meaning it will continue to worsen over time. At 7 she dumped the wheelchair, at 12 the walker became a permanent resident of our hallway closet and at 15 she painted and gifted her canes to a favorite teacher who had had hip surgery.

Upon our last visit to her specialist almost 5 years ago, they released her from care. Her original neurologist had retired by this time and her new neurologist, after looking through her history, shook his head and admitted he had no idea what to tell us other than it’s was obvious that what we were doing was working and to keep it up.

What’s your purpose? Everyone has a Why. According to popular author and public speaker, Simon Sinek, “Your Why is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you.”  Money Tree Billing was started on Why. In 2007, we didn’t know exactly What we were going to do or How we were going to do it, but we did know WHY we were doing it. 

After many years of working in-office, we had noticed a similarity among all the doctors we had worked/talked with. Insurance billing and collections was the #1 thing that distracted them from focusing 100% on the health and wellness of their patients, which is what they were all clearly most passionate about.

Harriet and I were passionate about chiropractic as well. We had experienced first-hand how it changed lives. People like you, the chiropractor reading this post, are WHY we do what we do!

Our passion is chiropractic, and our purpose is to help chiropractors maximize their success. We do that by taking the stress of billing and collections off your plate so that you can focus on the health and well-being of your patients, your communities, and people like my daughter, Dani, who now lives a full and thriving life because of the gift of what you do.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say a special thank you to Dr. Keith Billstein of Anoka-Andover Chiropractic in Anoka, Minnesota. You have been my family’s dedicated chiropractor for 24 years – we are a changed family because of what you do as a chiropractor and your willingness to share your gift. We love and appreciate you! I would also like to thank our Money Tree Billing team chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Klein of Back2Health Chiropractic in Monticello, MN. You take time to regularly come on site to Money Tree and adjust our team. We are better able to serve our clients when our team is functioning at their best!

Reflecting on Dani’s journey reminded me of our WHY at Money Tree Billing, and how we can make our difference in this profession. I truly believe that this world would be a different place if every person was adjusted regularly. THANK YOU! What you do as a chiropractor is so important and impacting. You make a difference.

Money Tree Billing is a chiropractic billing company who removes the distraction of billing from your office so you can focus on changing lives through chiropractic care. Money Tree Billing offers complete billing cycle management through a dedicated and seamless billing process. We empower you and your team with support beyond just billing. Focus on your practice and your passion and we’ll focus on getting you paid. We GUARANTEE our work. Money Tree Billing guarantees if your insurance claim goes unpaid due to our error, that we will credit you the amount you would have been paid on that claim. You won’t find another guarantee like it in the industry. To learn more about Money Tree Billing, and our one-of-a-kind guarantee, visit


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