We wanted to make sure you are all aware of the federal loan that was passed for the Paycheck Protection Program

Here in Minnesota, US Bank is a well-known bank that we use to keep connected with these types of things.  I don’t know if US Bank is present where you are located BUT regardless, I encourage all of you to call your banker and make sure you are ready for this & get on top of it FAST.  Very Very quickly…you need to be ready & on top of this one!

The government is talking about handing out this money within 48 hours of loan approval.

This loan is money intended for you to use for your payroll and if used correctly, it will most likely will be a debt forgiven.  I am not usually an advocate for taking government money.  However, in my opinion, this is an issue we did not cause, could not control, nor foresee the way the government was going to react by closing down establishments.

Personal feelings aside, I encourage all of you to apply for this funding.  Your business matters not to your employees, to your patients, and is necessary in helping keep your community thriving.

If US Bank is located in your area, and you’d like to be notified, please complete the US BANK inquiry form: Paycheck Protection Program inquiry form. If you do not have US Bank in your area please be sure to reach out to your local banker to see how they can help you with this process.

To learn more about The Paycheck Protection Program please join us tomorrow, March 31, 2020 at 1:00 CST for a special webinar Don’t Panic!— PREPARE- Paycheck Protection Federal Loan Program. CLICK HERE to register for this webinar today! After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

If you are in need of more detailed information feel free to reach out to me personally.  We are all getting through this together!

Harriet Holasek

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