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Update! Disaster Loan Assistance Program

The government has added a $10,000 GRANT — Yes, GRANT – to the SBA Disaster Loan Assistance Program. If you are approved, it’s free money!  

Again, this grant is offered through the SBA Disaster Loan Assistance Program. Application for the grant is automatic when you apply for an EIDL loan. Don’t worry if you applied for the EIDL last week. The SBA will include you for the grant award if you get an EIDL loan. So, there is no need to apply again! 

To qualify for this grant, you must apply here if you haven’t already applied for the SBA disaster loan.

Webinar Replay

Did you miss this week’s webinar on the Paycheck Protection Program? We’re making the replay available for you to watch (or watch again). Feel free to forward this link along to your business friends and colleagues.

We’ve included an example of the Borrower Paycheck Protection Program Application (below). THIS FORM IS JUST A SAMPLE… However, it’s supposed to be very close to this version. Use it to get prepared with all you need so you’re ready when it comes to completing the final application. 

Here in Minnesota, US Bank is a well-known bank that we use to keep connected with these types of things.  If US Bank is located in your area, and you’d like additional information and next steps as the SBA Paycheck Protection Program is finalized, please complete the US BANK inquiry form: Paycheck Protection Program inquiry form.  

US BANK JUST NOTIFIED US that if you fill out their online Paycheck Program inquiry form, they will email you a digital link to the application ONCE it becomes available.You will not be completing a PDF version of the application form. Instead, they will be forwarding an electronic sign-up link to complete the application online once they are reading to begin accepting applications.

If you do not have US Bank in your area, you will want to reach out to your local banker to see how they can help you with this process.

If there is anything else you have questions with, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help!

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