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Cash Practice Systems is offering ECLIPSE clients the ability to use their Drip-Education email system for FREE during this COVID-19 emergency. Please read the email below from their Founder & CEO, Dr. Miles Bodzin:

Dear Doctor, 

These are confusing and uncertain times. We’re all feeling it. We know in the next few weeks you may not see as many patients as you want. In all likelihood, things will slow down. 

We want you to know Cash Practice is here, for you. We’ll face this challenge together, and we’ll come out of it stronger. We will! 

It is vital you stay in contact with your patients during this time. Failing to do so will make it more challenging for you in the long-run.  

It is for this reason I want to give you free access to our Drip-Education Email System.  It’s our way of saying, “we’re here for you“. 

Use our Drip-Education Email Marketing System (Drip-Ed) for FREE through May 31, 2020.

Details: No strings attached. No credit card required. The free Drip-Ed account will allow you space for 1,000 patient email addresses and the ability to send out unlimited emails. Includes pre-made patient education email campaigns and more!  

The Drip-Ed System will allow you to stay in touch with your existing patients and promote your practice to new ones. It will help you create patient loyalty. It will help you come back after all this, roaring. 

CLICK HERE to get your account setup.

Again, no strings attached. Have questions? Call us at (877) 343-8950  x101

We are one of the most close-knitted professional communities and must stand together in times of need. Let’s do this!

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