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HourMine has strong remote features to engage with patients while away from the office.

We understand these are tough times and there is a lot of uncertainty around lockdowns. With the HourMine solution, you do not need to lose touch with your patients. You can stay in close touch and guide them through these tough times.


  • The HourMine Notifier can be installed and used from your home computer. The whole messaging system, including on-demand SMS and Voice messaging is available from your home. Reach out to your patients proactively during uncertain times.
  • The provider schedules are available on the web where they can see their appointments, patient contact info and reach out to them
  • Online/Mobile Scheduling makes it easy and flexible for patients to schedule appointments even with limited reception hours.
  • With Automatic Reactivation you can automatically reach out to patients who have not been in your practice in the last 30/60/90 days.
  • Special COVID related instructions can be added through highly customizable message templates.
  • All your patient messages can be forwarded on to your mobile device, so you can respond while being remote.
  • With Group Messaging, you can efficiently message patients with upcoming appointments about any schedule changes or special instructions regarding COVID.

HourMine – your trusted patient communication platform provides strong support for staying engaged with your patients while working remotely. Through its affordable yet comprehensive system that encompasses Emails, 2-way Text/SMS, RealVoice telephone reminders, Confirmations and an online patient portal with real time Online Scheduling, HourMine keeps you in constant touch with your patients. It gives your patients another compelling reason to choose you.

HourMine has been a trusted ECLIPSE partner since 2012.

They constantly update with ECLIPSE so they are not going to be broken if ECLIPSE updates its software.

They offer a proper 2-way SMS messaging system with your dedicated SMS Number that focuses on high deliverability and compliance (much more reliable than email-to-SMS-gateway or shortcodes)

According to Dr. David Adler, DC – “I have had MANY situations where an email reminder made it to a patient and they told me that they would have never remembered to come without it.. How much is that worth? Couple that with the ONLINE SCHEDULING.. patients LOVE when I get back to them near instantly from my phone or office PC.. without it.. perhaps it would be missed appointments. Bottom line. your service pays for itself MANY times over.”

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