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2021 is right around the corner, along with some big changes in Evaluation & Management coding (please hold your applause until the end).  The primary purpose of these changes is to simplify and remove unnecessary documentation, allowing practitioners to focus more of their time and attention on patient care.  Secondly, our goal is to remove ‘packing’ exam notes with ‘fluff’ information in order to increase your exam level coding, again in an effort to allow you focus more on patient care.  Change is never easy, but DC’s this is good news!  This change reinforces the idea that you are a qualified licensed doctor, capable of Medical Decision Making (MDM) – as you should be – and places a value on your time as well.

Before January 1st, you will want to do 3 things: 

(1) Review your current exam fees and decide if they align with the new parameters.

(2) Review the MDM components so you are familiar with them and can easily reference the information to help you choose the correct exam/re-exam codes.

(3) Watch your day sheets to make sure you are not accidentally using the 99201/99211 deleted codes and/or de-activate/update the 99201/99211 codes in your software (make sure you understand how your software works before deciding on what/how to proceed with this piece).

As always, if you are a Money Tree Billing client, we will be helping you through this process.  Please do not make any changes to your software without connecting with us first.

To see additional information and coding parameters, click here.


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