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We are excited to announce our new Coaching program, MTB Coaching! Several months in the making, we have been hard at work finalizing the program and will soon be unveiling it to you.

MTB Coaching is designed to be a business coaching service specific to chiropractors and their teams. We have partnered with ActionCoachMN to give the chiropractic community a combination of chiropractic processes and systems with business best practices.

The average clinic works in a space where two worlds collide – their chiropractic calling/passion vs. their responsibility as a business owner. Most chiropractic coaching programs that we have experienced are led by chiropractors and specialize in the chiropractic world.  The success achieved through these programs is limited by the business knowledge of the chiropractic coach. Often what’s missing is business-strategy and best practices.

The goal of MTB Coaching is simple; instead of the two worlds colliding in a constant battle, MTB Coaching will effectively coach our clients and help them integrate those two worlds into one successful business that allows them to focus on the health and wellness of their patients. MTB Coaching will be focused on chiropractic (patient care, scripting, training, billing, coding, etc.) and business growth (cash flow, business structure and planning, team building, marketing, etc.).

Our Coaching program will initially have 2 levels of coaching. In the future, we hope to integrate a third option that will consist of virtual trainings and live interactive webinars.

We would like to offer you a taste of what this exciting program has to offer! Please enjoy the playback of our webinar: TRANSFORM YOUR TEAM: Lead A Team Of All-In, Engaged People.  This session is an example of the informative topics and quality our coaching clients can come to expect. During this virtual workshop, we got into the trenches to help you create a team with every person in your organization moving in the same direction, so you can conquer any industry, in any market, against any competition, in any economic situation!

CLICK HERE to watch the playback of our TRANSFORM YOUR TEAM: Lead a Team Of All-In, Engaged People and join us as we lay the groundwork for all of this to happen so your organization can become an even bigger impact on the clients and the community you serve.


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