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For several years Money Tree Billing has been working closely with chiropractors around the nation helping them with their insurance billing needs. Owners and founders, Shannon Roberts and Harriet Holasek have a true passion for the profession based on personal experiences.

Now, MTB wants to give back to the profession that has helped them. NWHSU student, Jenna Werre is our first MTB scholarship winner. Jenna graduates this April 2021.

A little bit about Jenna and her why…

Jenna joined the military at the age of 17. Twelve years and many life-changing experiences later, she is still putting on her uniform and boots every month. When she is not in class, at her preceptorship, or Army training, she is working as a paramedic for a busy metro area ambulance service. In short, her life’s work is accomplished through serving others.

While completing her preceptorship at a Veterans Administration Hospital, she sees firsthand the toll that a life of military service can have on a person. With every patient that walks into the treatment room, she has the tremendous opportunity to hear their stories, be present, and help them heal. She says she often thinks to herself, “If only this person had been afforded the care that they deserved and earned 50 years ago.”

Though she is no stranger to the perils and various stresses of the job, their service and sacrifices motivate her every single day to learn more, grow more, and become a better doctor. These are the heroes that need chiropractic care, rendered with the very best evidence-based techniques that research, education, and interdisciplinary collaboration can provide. For her, this strong sense of duty is not tied to a specific zip code, but rather to her heart for contributing what she has learned to help her brothers and sisters in arms.

Whether she ends up in private practice, a VA facility, or someday as a Chiropractor in uniform, she plans to work closely with the Veteran population in any and every capacity that she is able. She is currently located in North Dakota but has plans to move this coming summer to the Rapid City area and begin practicing in the great state of South Dakota soon after. She is currently working on additional training to become certified in Animal Chiropractic as well because she also has a heart for caring for spines of all kinds. She knows that chiropractic is far more powerful than simply treating musculoskeletal ailments in the human patient; rather it is necessary for the greatest expression of life in all creatures.

We’re thrilled to introduce Jenna to you! Shannon and Jenna recently connected via Zoom and we were inspired to share their meeting video so you could meet this truly inspiring young woman and soon-to-be-doctor of chiropractic.  This folks is the future of our profession!


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