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Introducing The Vitamin Calculator
Save Valuable Time, Reduce Errors, 
And Help Increase Revenue
Supplements are an important part of many healthcare services and can play a primary role in patient care. The Vitamin Calculator is designed to help keep your patient on track with their care, increase your supplement services and simplify the process for your front desk.

Many times, when you recommend a supplement regimen to your patient, the patient will purchase this item and never refill, or potentially not follow-up in a timely manner. Their supplement care falls through the cracks.

There are also many cases when what the provider is recommending does not necessarily follow the dosage on the bottle, therefore throwing off the refill date. This can be time-consuming and increases the chance for error when checking out at the front desk.

The Vitamin Calculator is a simple tool that will help you calculate dosage, determine time between refills, ensure your patient has enough supplements to last them through their next appointment, and increase your bottom line.

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