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The Cycle of Business- Your Team

Whether you own your own practice, are an associate, or you are getting ready to graduate and start your new journey, you have plans. You have dreams. You have desires.

Remembering the old saying of “You need to work on your business not just in it” is easy, but to DO it can prove challenging. Especially with the ever-changing daily distractions we face.

Ever have one of these days? You wake up and the dog peed on your slippers, your coffee maker broke, and your kid missed the bus. Only to walk in the office door and you are hit with emergencies, the toilet is overflowing, staff issues, the phone isn’t working, and you only have enough headrest paper for your first 10 patients, and so on…? Yes, many of us have. These are called “temporary distractions”. These distractions tend to pull us away from our vision and goals of what we want – for our business and our lives. Sometimes we get stuck in the distractions while life passes us by.

Where your coaching comes in is how you learn to work through those temporary distractions and help you stay focused on what is important for you, your business, and your family. You have a plan. Coaching helps you maintain that daily focus so these temporary distractions will no longer be something that pull you away from what is important to you and your business.

This month we are focusing on Distraction #1 – Recruiting & Retaining Your Team

No matter what type of business, there are always staffing issues of some kind. Recently, Action Coach MN, held a webinar on recruiting and retaining your Team. Their message spoke volumes to business owners who want to work “on” their business and get where they want to go.

The graph below shows The Cycle of Business. Your team are the ones working in your business. Your team are the ones who have first and last contact with your patients. Finding the right team will free up your time to work ON your business.

Finding the right team, however, can prove challenging.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I really need to hire someone?
    • Can I restructure job descriptions?
      • This is a great time to ASK your team if they like what they are doing. Would they like to add or remove certain tasks they have been assigned?
    • If your answer is Yes, you need to hire someone:
      • Are there any covid relief funds still being offered in your state? When is it done?
        • Can you wait until then?
      • Where do you place your ads to find help? It’s a new playing field now.
        • It is a good idea to put some funds towards FaceBook and Indeed ads [have your team share your ad]
        • Ask your team if they know someone
        • Chiropractic colleges
        • Craigslist
        • BNI and other networking groups
        • Ask your suppliers if they have heard of anyone looking for a new position – and have them keep their ears open
        • Reach out to your state association
      • The next question you ask yourself is very important. It can make or break your team.
        • What type of person do I want and need for this position?
        • Have you heard of DISC? Working with your coach, you will learn about this valuable tool. Below shows the types of behavioral styles. These are important because when you are looking for the right person for a position, your message needs to cater to their “style”.

For example, say you need a Front Desk person to greet your patients, take cash payments, answer your phones, and schedule visits.  Looking at this chart, you would say you want a People Person “I” and “S”. In your ad you would say something like: “a fun and happy place to work. Friendly environment. Love to laugh and converse with people? We want to talk with you.” These words attract the “I” and “S”.  It’s okay to not market to everyone, because you don’t want just anyone.

It is challenging to find and keep good people. Take the time to find the right people and your coach will help you stay on task for your goals and dreams.


Next edition we will discuss how to talk and reach Millennials to help keep you focused “on” your business.

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