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Reaching and Keeping Millennials

Last month we covered the importance of working “on” your business, not “in”. There are temporary distractions that happen every day that keep us from obtaining our goals, dreams, and plans. This goes for our personal as well as our professional life.

One distraction is trying to find and hire additional staff. Not just a body to fill a seat, but the right person.

We discussed the type of person [D-I-S-C] you want to have on your team in the position you need to fill. We shared some important questions you need to ask yourself.

Did you know by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials?  That is a huge percentage. We can’t ignore this or them. You will be interviewing them if you haven’t started already.

This month we cover how to reach and more importantly keep Millennials to allow you to stay focused “on” your business.

Action Coach MN recently offered a webinar sharing this visual on crafting your company vision.

This is a great visual. What is your Vision, Mission, and Culture? Do you feel you have them clearly defined? Are you providing a 3D visual?

It’s a good idea in the interview process to share and define your vision and mission. What are your objectives? Give them a 3D visual during your interview process so they can buy in immediately.

Millennials need to feel a connection, have a purpose. You should provide a clear company vision they are able to get on board with. Help them support your cause.

Including your vision, mission, and culture will provide your interviewees the ability to jump on board and believe in you; thus, creating a strong team, solid presence, and a common goal.

Your business is run by and represented by your team.  If you really think about the impact of that statement, you will know that choosing the right people is a game-changer.

Ensuring your new hires and current team buy into your vision, mission and culture will create a unified, comfortable, happy working environment; an environment that welcomes your patients, allows them to be comfortable, to enjoy coming to your office and to refer others.

Remember – Your people run the business. YOU own the business.

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