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Living a Life of Balance

Usually, when I am feeling out of balance, I find it is because I am trying to live up to someone else’s definition of what balance should look like.    

Which then prompts the question, what does living a balanced life look like?  Most commonly we hear about balance in terms of  work-life-balance; the idea of dedicating time to work and dedicating time to live your life outside of work.  Traditionally, when we hear the word balance, it makes us think equal.  If you want to balance a scale, you equal out both sides.  That concept  was a pipe dream I chased for many years – listening to outside influences to try and determine what balance should look like in my life.  Constantly striving to keep all the plates spinning and still get 8 hours of sleep at night – according to someone else’s definition.  Spoiler alert:  that did not work out well.  It put me in a place where I felt like I was constantly failing and completely exhausted.  

Finding balance comes from giving time and energy to the things that “fill your cup” and give you life.  On the flip side, it also can come from eliminating things that stress you out, bring you down, or make you feel less than.  Balance is what you decide you need to fulfill your life.    

Over time, I have come to realize three important things: 

1.  Balance is not about equal. 

2.  Balance is extremely personal. 

3.  Balance is an evolving concept.

Balance is Not about Equal.  It is not equal in time, and it is not equal from person-to-person.  You decide what you need.  You decide what adjustments to make when your needs change.  Your definition of balance is the only definition that matters to your life.  Their form of balance may work for them, but you are not in their family, with their wiring or their needs.  They may need 10 minutes of meditation to feel centered, you may need 60 minutes of running.  

Balance is extremely personal.  What looks like balance to me is most likely not what looks like balance to you.  Balance in your life is wholly and totally unique to you.  Your definition that meets your needs and the needs of your family.  Can you gain wisdom or value from outside influences?  Of course!  I love learning tips and new information on how to improve my quality of life from people I respect and admire.  As my friend Jack tells me, “I’ve also had to learn how to chew the meat and spit out the bones.”, meaning I get to take that outside influence and decide what applies to my life and what does not. 

Balance is an evolving concept.  Balance changes seasonally.  Your definition may change next month, or as your children get older, or maybe even in the next hour based on what life throws your way.  With change comes adjustment.  Stay connected to what you need and the specific way you define balance that works best for you.

If you are searching for balance in your life , you start by defining it for yourself.  You will never feel balanced when trying to meet someone else’s standard.  Take some time, ask yourself what balance looks like to you in the following key areas:  Fitness, Finance, Family,  Field (work), Faith, Friends, and Fun.  Write it down, set goals, and revisit what you wrote each week to reinforce your goals and/or adjust.  Most importantly, do not forget to take action!  Every step you take counts.

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