Money Tree Billing – Specialized Departments

When you are doing your search and interviewing potential companies to do your chiropractic billing, you will find a common theme; you will get assigned to a specific person who handles your account from start to finish. Much like an in-office employee, the person has a smaller amount of knowledge in a broader area of billing. When you work with Money Tree Billing, you will find a unique model composed of five specialized departments with staff who have expertise in each department.

Money Tree Billing’s five core departments are Billing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Posting & Aging, Patient Statements and Client Contact. While the benefits are many, there are three core reasons we decided to make specialized departments:

  1. Results – The insurance industry changes policy day to day and state to state. If you had to focus on the entire billing process, there would be no sustainable way a single staff or small accounting department could stay up to date. Money Tree Billing knows that creating specialized departments allows staff to become your trusted partner in their part of the claims process. Money Tree Billing uses the same concept by specializing in two software program solutions; Eclipse EHR Solutions and ChiroTouch. Additionally, we work with only one clearinghouse, Infinedi. This level of specialization allows us to offer our partners the highest level of service and in turn garner the best results not only for our partners, but for our team, their team, and the patient.
  1. AccountabilityMoney Tree Billing understands that no one person can be proficient in all things billing. Allowing for specialized departments has given us the opportunity to create high level quality control systems. Each department was thoughtfully and thoroughly designed to work in tandem with all departments, both before and after their part in the claims process. This high-level collaboration between departments helps to reduce errors overall, and to catch errors quickly and efficiently when they do happen.


  1. Stability – Unfortunately, many of us have felt the pain when an experienced employee leaves. The same issues as an employee leaving can arise when your billing company assigns only one person to your account. One unplanned life event, an inconvenient vacation time, or a medical emergency, leaves you without the assigned person on your account and puts you and your patients in a potential situation. These employee life events are also hard on the employer when they need to scramble to handle your account. At Money Tree Billing life events are barely felt by the client or our company. Our teams in each specialized department are highly trained and professional, allowing them to pivot quickly to aid with any account.

When it comes to Billing, EDI, Posting & Aging, Patient Statements and Client Contact, Money Tree Billing understands the level of confidence and trust you must have to outsource your billing. We welcome the opportunity to share more about what we can offer, as well as to have you meet with the specialized departments to give you the confidence you require. We are so confident in our services that we, to our knowledge, are the only billing company to guarantee our work.  If we fail to get a claim paid due to our error, we will credit our clients the amount they would have been paid on that claim. Money Tree Billing is built on integrity, and we understand the importance of accurate work and accountability.

Money Tree Billing – We bring you stability, support, and success beyond the books.



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