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Spring is a time of natural renewal; the trees are starting to bud; tulips are in bloom. It is a time of renewed energy that the freshness of spring provides. It is also the perfect time to review your goals and take a “spring cleaning” approach to your clinic. Since this is a natural time of renewal, and the start of the second quarter, consider inviting your staff to join in the process.  Their involvement will give them ownership as well as a positive signal that there might be a few changes as you update and review your goals and freshen up your clinic.

Below are some ideas for spring cleaning and goal review for you and your clinic:

  • Literally review your clinic goals. (If you don’t have goals set, see our goal setting for Chiropractors and Chiropractic Clinics article)  Do a check-in with yourself and your staff to review the goals, what progress you’ve made, and where you may need to pivot. Celebrate the progress or success of goals reached and make plans on how to reach the next goals.
  • Review your policies and procedures. So many things can change, between best practices, insurance changes to how to best market to your customers; now is a wonderful time to review.
  • Review your business plan. Some business owners never look back at their business plan, but this document is meant to be a living document that evolves as your business changes. While some suggest you review the business plan more often, all business experts agree that at least annually is necessary.
  • Check in with your staff. Consider adding stay interviews to your spring to do list. Stay interviews are a terrific opportunity to learn about what you’re doing well as an employer, and areas that you can grow. This also is an opportunity to show your staff that their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions matter to you. Find out what growth opportunities they may be interested in, and how you might support them.
  • Reorganize and declutter – Shred those old documents, get rid of outdated equipment, do the full spring clean thing and simply declutter. It will make your clinic more welcoming and more efficient. This is the perfect opportunity to update décor in your clinic as well.
  • Update equipment. Fix, update, clean and do whatever maintenance you need to do on your equipment, from top to bottom. Maintenance and new upgrades on a regular basis are the best way to protect your investment in our equipment.
  • Clean up! Do the deep cleansing, floor to ceiling. Dust the ceiling vents, shampoo the carpet. There are great local businesses that you can support who can do this task for you for an affordable price. If you do ask your staff to chip in, be prepared to show your leadership by rolling up your sleeves and helping.
  • Check your finances. It has been shown that many small clinics don’t pay attention to their bottom line until it is too late. At least quarterly take the time to do the deep dive into your finances. If you don’t have the knowledge to fully understand, hire help to either do an audit or teach you what you need to know to watch your bottom line.
  • Review your rates – Wages, supplies, utilities…everything has risen in price. Business owners, especially small to medium size business owners, often find themselves almost feeling guilty when they need to adjust their pricing. You are not doing yourself, your staff, or your patients any favors by bankrupting your business. Stay in tune with your rates to be sure you are where you need to be to run a successful clinic.
  • Take care of you. Business owners are highly driven individuals who often run too close to empty. Be sure to remember to take care of you, you deserve it, and we officially give you permission.

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