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A lot has changed in just the last three years with how clinics “see” their patients. Every business struggled to provide their clients with alternative options and for the medical field those alternatives were Telehealth and virtual visits. Telehealth and virtual visits offer a wide range of benefits and potential downsides when applied to chiropractic care. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons that come with these new healthcare technologies, but are they right for your clinic and your current clients base?

PRO’s –

Convenience: Telehealth or virtual visits allow patients to receive care from the comfort of their own home, which eliminates the need to travel and wait in waiting rooms. This can be especially beneficial for elderly or disabled patients who cannot make it to their appointments in person. It can also help chiropractors get an initial assessment so patient can provide a description of their condition and medical history to develop an understanding of the root cause of symptoms and formulate a treatment plan.

Flexibility: Virtual visits offer more flexibility for patients to choose when they visit the doctor, as well as expanding the practitioner’s availability to multiple times throughout the day. With more people working from home they are used to a more flexible schedule while they strive for that work-life balance.

Low Risk: Telehealth allows for a safe way to connect with chiropractors since there is no need to physically be present in the same space for every visit.

Cost Efficiency: Since there is no need to travel for the visits. It can save both the patient and chiropractor time and money in the long run.


Lack Of Physical Diagnosis: Physical diagnostics and exams cannot take place, making it difficult to diagnose patients.

Technology Failing: Patients and chiropractors might experience technical issues due to lack of connection or equipment such as a webcam or computer. You never know what kind of technology or knowledge of technology your patient might have when entering a virtual appointment. This can make getting connected difficult.

Trust: Trust is a key element in the healthcare industry and virtual visits often make it harder to establish trust between the patient and chiropractor as compared to physical visits. If you can’t physically see or feel the problem area you are relying only on what the patient is telling you. This can make it difficult to come up with a treatment plan through only a virtual visit.

Privacy Concerns: There are privacy concerns associated with virtual visits which can potentially put both patients and chiropractor at risk if taken lightly.

Overall, telehealth and virtual visits offer a convenient and cost-efficient way for patients to receive care from chiropractors. Although there are cons associated with virtual visits, patients and clinics can still benefit from these new technologies while working together to navigate and address the challenges that come with them.

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