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It’s no secret that as a chiropractor, or working in any clinical setting, managing time effectively can be a challenge. Administrative tasks, patient care and appointments, and personal responsibilities can make It difficult to find the time to get it all done. Effective time management is an essential part of creating a successful and less stressful atmosphere for your clinic, yourself, and your staff. Time management can seem overwhelming, but let’s explore step-by-step some tips and techniques for managing time efficiently so you can improve your productivity and achieve greater success in your chiropractic clinic.

  • Set Clear Goals – Starting with setting clear and reachable goals. What do you want to achieve in your clinic? What are the priorities? Make sure to include short-term and long-term goals. Making the time to review your goals with your team will ensure you stay on track.
  • Plan Your Day – Take time at the end of each day, or before you start your day, to plan for the day. A clear concept of the day will help you to avoid wasting time.
  • Delegate – When possible, delegate tasks to others and empower your staff to delegate their tasks whenever appropriate. When delegating new tasks be sure that the team can handle whatever tasks you’re passing down.
  • Invest in Education – Continued education is key to not only professional and personal success, but also a key piece of time management. Promoting an environment of educating yourself and your team now only gives you added knowledge to help you stay on top of a quickly changing environment, it also makes you a highly desirable employer. Never hesitate to invest in your staff, even if they leave, they are much more likely to refer other top talent to your clinic and/or be an exceptional brand ambassador. Building skills ALWAYS pays off.
  • Outsource – Consider outsourcing portions of your workload to talented third parties. If you find you or your team spending a lot of time on medical billing, outsource your billing to Money Tree. Spending a lot of time dumping trash and dusting the lobby? Outsource to a cleaning company. You get the picture. Free up valuable (and potentially billable) time by allowing professionals who are exceptionally knowledgeable in their area of expertise to aid in your overall success.
  • Update Equipment – Budget and invest in technology and equipment. Outdated equipment means more time fixing problems or using technology and techniques that are out of date. If you don’t stay on top of equipment, a competitor quite possibly will.
  • Avoid Distractions – Put away the phone, ask friends and family to avoid calling you during business hours, or come to grips with your Sudoku addiction. Pay attention to non-work distractions and avoid them at all costs while working.
  • Use Time Tracking Software – Consider the use of time tracking software. The top benefits of time tracking software are:
    • Ability to truly see where you are spending your time, thus allowing for thoughtful delegation or outsourcing.
    • It increases productivity since you can clearly see gaps or areas that need attention.
    • Make better decisions with your added insights into your clinic’s operations. For example, you can see how long it takes per patient or different types of treatments. This information will help you distribute resources where needed
    • Along the same lines, it’s important to cluster book your patient schedule.  Have designated times for seeing existing patients, new patients AND paperwork.  This strategy makes both your “up” time and “down” time more effective.
  • Learn to Say No – It is OK to say no to requests that simply take up too much time. Always consider time when you do think about saying yes.
  • Take Breaks – Taking a few minutes to take a brief walk, step out for some air, or take some time for a lunch break. Your body and your brain need breaks to work at their best efficiency.
  • Self-Care – Studies show that those who provide care to others, and business owners, are two groups that don’t do enough to care for themselves. Many chiropractors get the double whammy of both caregivers AND business owners. Schedule time, in pen, for yourself. Healthy eating, exercise, and rest are key to being productive.
  • Get Organized – If your desk looks like a scene from Twister, or your calendar is a hot mess, take time to get yourself organized. Be sure to add organization to your goals and make time daily or weekly to just clean-up and regroup.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Plan – Sometimes we need to recalibrate, reorganize, and pivot. Your best plan yesterday most likely won’t always be the best plan for tomorrow. Change some or all of it up if it isn’t working.

By taking the time to implement some or all of these time management tips you are sure to create a more organized and successful environment for yourself and your team. Ongoing review of time management is truly critical to your success as a chiropractic clinic. Your patients will thank you for supplying an environment of well thought out care.

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