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Elevate your Chiropractic Clinic in 2024 – Part 1

The way the world functions now has impacted the user’s experience and the expectations they have for places of service. Adapting you clinic to meet these expectations and improve your patients’ experience will help elevate your business in 2024. First, we need to identify the expectations your patients have and how to implement those changes into your practice. Then, we can look at how those changes will benefit your patients and in turn, help your clinic grow. This is part one of how to seamlessly integrate services into your chiropractic clinic that will benefit your patient’s experience.

1. Patient Communication & Management: Embracing Technological Solutions

Quick and clear communication is at the forefront of quality patient care. Streamlining communication and management will improve your patient’s experience, save your team time and keep your schedule full and profitable.

Appointment Scheduling Apps: Work life is different for many employees now. A 9 to 5 is becoming less and less common. Having an appointment scheduling app empowers patients to book appointments easily and when they can. If you find the right tool it could be integrated into your clinic’s management systems to reduce the stress scheduling appointments has on your staff, giving them more time for patient care. These tools also have added features such as automated reminders which add to the patient’s satisfaction and minimize the risk of no-shows.

How to Implement: You will want to start by figuring out what your clinic needs from a scheduling app. There are many apps available with different functions and prices attached. Make sure you look for a user-friendly interface that you can integrate with your current software scheduler. Then, market the new service and educate your patients on how to use this new feature. You want to encourage them to utilize the convenient online scheduling option to make it easier for your staff and streamline your internal systems.

Electronic Health Records (EHR): Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems offer a digital solution for keeping track of patient records, treatment plans, and progress. This not only enhances the accuracy of the data but also allows for other healthcare providers to seamlessly collaborate, improving the overall quality of care they can provide their patients.

How to Implement: This can be an investment for your clinic, but one that will pay off when you can provide the most for your patients. Because most software programs include an EHR feature, the investment is more in time and customization.  Like always you must train on how to use the system efficiently and may have to adjust your patient scheduling to allow for additional documentation time while learning.

Telehealth Platforms: A great tool for that would be adding a telehealth platform to help revolutionize your patient communication. Chiropractors can now connect with their patients remotely, making follow-up and consultations virtual and instant. This will make it easier and more convenient for your patients and also help your clinic’s community reach.

How to Implement: There are many different telehealth platforms you can integrate. Take some time to figure out what you need for a telehealth platform. Every clinic has different patients so understanding their needs and how they would use the platform is important as well. Once you find the right platform for your clinic then it’s time to train your staff to make sure that every team member is using the platform the same way. This will save some confusion in the long run. Next is to market this new service and educate your patients on how to join.

2. Online Visibility & Practice Growth Technology

The way that people gather information has changed over the years, so having a strong online presence is crucial for attracting patients and fostering growth for any business. Because having a website and being active on social media platforms is so common for businesses many people connect legitimacy with having a strong online presence. Increasing your digital footprint can significantly impact your clinic’s success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is a powerful tool that improves your clinic’s online searchability. No one goes to the second page of Google. By optimizing your website content, incorporating relevant keywords, and adding quality internal and external links, you can move up in the world and on Google’s ranking.

How to Implement: You should know what platform your site is built on, where it is being hosted, and who is currently maintaining it. Many times web developers already add simple SEO to the sites they manage. So, checking to see what is already being done and how your site is ranking can save you money in the long run. As with anything, digital things change. Make sure that you are on some sort of SEO plan where your web content and keywords are being updated regularly. Fresh content will tell Google that your site is relevant and will help increase your rank.

Social Media Engagement: Having a social media presence lets you have a different type of interaction with your patients. This is a more personal way of communication and gives you a way to express the culture behind your clinic and the people who work there. Being active on social media makes your clinic more approachable and attracts the younger generations. Many clinics use social media to educate their patients/followers about the services they offer and to bring awareness to chiropractic care as a whole.

How to Implement: Social media is easy to implement, it’s the maintaining that’s the difficult part. You want the content you share to be relevant and engaging to your target market. This is something that you can farm out to a marketing agency or hire someone internally to maintain.

Online Reviews and Testimonials: Having online reviews is not something new, but it’s something that is still important. Reviews and comments are some of the first things that people look at and can influence patients to visit or not. Positive reviews can enhance your clinic’s credibility and attract new clients.

How to Implement: Although having reviews is not a new thing for business, there are new ways of getting them. Having a “review card” with a QR code or sending a text with a link to a Google review will make it easier for your patients to leave a review. Having reviews increases your credibility when they’re positive, by implementing the above suggestions you can improve your patient’s experience and meet the expectations they have for your clinic.

Stay tuned for part two and learn how to seamlessly integrate services into your chiropractic clinic that will benefit your patient’s experience.

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