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Elevate your Chiropractic Clinic in 2024 (part 2)

If you have not read part one of Elevating your Chiropractic Clinic in 2024 then take some time to start at the beginning.

3. Simplified Chiropractic Billing & Payment Processing:

Efficient billing and payment processing are vital components of a thriving chiropractic practice. Joining a reputable billing team, like Money Tree Billing, can streamline processes and save you time and money.

Insurance billing: It can be difficult to deal with insurance companies and can create strain on your staff and your cash flow, but it can add to your patient care. Billing insurance can also add to your patient pool.

How to Implement: Implementing billing insurance into your chiropractic clinic can be a difficult process that involves several steps to ensure a smooth transition. You first must understand the requirements and contact insurance companies for credentialing (it helps to know what insurance companies are most prevalent in your community that your patients currently use to make sure they are eligible). Then you can start collecting your patient’s information and submitting your claims. For this step, you must train your staff in code compliance and make sure they stay informed about policy changes, but it doesn’t end there. Once you’ve billed the claims, you need to monitor your clearinghouse to correct errors or rejections, post your payments, and correct or investigate your denials.  But wait, there’s more!  You need to keep your accounts balanced to ensure accurate patient statements and your staff also needs to follow up on any outstanding claims to make sure that you are getting paid for the services you are providing.

Outsourcing your billing: Partnering with the MTB team allows chiropractors to save time and reduce administrative costs. Outsourcing billing and payment processing enables practitioners to concentrate more on patient care and practice growth. The MTB team provides comprehensive billing solutions, including claims submission, insurance verification, and accounts receivable management. This ensures accurate and timely reimbursement for services rendered.

How to Implement: Collaborate closely with the MTB team during the onboarding process. Provide necessary information, and ensure your staff is familiar with the new billing procedures.

Digital billing services: Stop sending out paper statements that take up your staff’s time and cost you money. Get quick and convenient results when you join the MPS Club and take your clinic digital. Give your patients pay online options that are easy to view, consistency that will decrease the time it takes for people to pay, and there is always the added benefit of going Green!

How to Implement: Contact the MTB team to get started and join the club.

4. Wellness-Based Care:

Chiropractic care has evolved into more than just a one-time visit when things are bad and awareness of the benefits of having a wellness-based, also known as maintenance, care plan has increased over the years. Implementing this model of care into your practice will help you track and monitor the ongoing wellness of your patients as well as add preventive measures into their care plan. Not to mention it will give your clinic a more consistent revenue stream.

Predictable Revenue: Wellness-based care models provide chiropractors with predictable and recurring revenue based on preventative care, not symptoms that are commonly not eligible for payment by insurance. Patients pay a regular fee for ongoing services, ensuring a steady income stream for the practice.

How to Implement: Look at the services you offer and create wellness options that fit with your target market. It’s important to educate your patients on the importance and benefits that come with signing up for your wellness-based care.

Focus on Preventive Care and Customized Plans: Wellness based care encourages a proactive approach to healthcare. This allows you to prioritize preventive measures, ongoing adjustments, and proactive programs, fostering a long-term relationship with patients focused on overall health and well-being.

How to Implement: When considering your wellness plans, make sure that they are flexible so that they can focus on preventive care specific to each patient’s healthcare goals.  Again, a big part of whether your programs are successful or not is educating your patients on the importance of wellness care.  As part of your implementation, it’s imperative to know and understand the guidelines of insurance networks you are a part of, state laws and federal laws for patient pricing and billing.  To help, it can be beneficial to consider outside companies like ChiroHealthUSA who specialize in this market and offer compliant options.

Patient expectations are always changing and it’s in your best interest as a service provider to meet those expectations. Adding easy patient communication, a relevant online presence, a convenient billing structure, and growing your wellness-based services will elevate your clinic and help you meet those expectations. It is important to continuously monitor and evaluate the impact of these changes, adjusting as needed to optimize both patient care and internal efficiency.

Money Tree Billing is a chiropractic billing company who removes the distraction of billing from your office so you can focus on changing lives through chiropractic care. Money Tree Billing offers complete billing cycle management through a dedicated and seamless billing process. We empower you and your team with support beyond just billing. Focus on your practice and your passion and we’ll focus on getting you paid. We GUARANTEE our work. Money Tree Billing guarantees if your insurance claim goes unpaid due to our error, that we will credit you the amount you would have been paid on that claim. You won’t find another guarantee like it in the industry. To learn more about Money Tree Billing, and our one-of-a-kind guarantee, visit

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