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Should You Outsource Chiropractic Billing? Here’s What You Could Gain

Outsourcing work is a common practice. Sending tasks elsewhere allows you to focus on what is important about your business. At Money Tree Billing, we aim to partner with chiropractors who understand the importance of growing and stabilizing their business. Business-savvy chiropractors know that aligning with the right chiropractic billing company allows them to focus on their team, patient care, and community wellness while having reduced stress, saved time, and optimized stable insurance collections.  

How do you know if outsourcing is the correct choice for you?

Because we believe in partnering with chiropractors who aim to both grow and stabilize their businesses, we encourage you to fully consider all the reasons you should outsource your chiropractic billing. Your practice’s unique needs and goals will influence which billing company is the best fit for you.

Here is what you gain by outsourcing your chiropractic billing with Money Tree Billing:

Focus on Your Team: Billing takes time. As a chiropractor and business owner, your time is valuable. Time spent on billing could be better spent building your team up. Partnering with the right billing company frees up needed time to foster a positive culture within your workspace.

Improved Patient Care: With outsourced billing comes the potential for improved patient care. When you remove administrative duties from your plate you can spend more time working with your patients. Personalized treatment plans and consultations are easier to maintain without the stress of billing, leading to higher satisfaction and better overall health.

Reduced Stress: Managing billing tasks in-house can be stressful with complications such as claim denials, rejections, and follow-ups. Outsourcing your billing frees you from this stress, instead giving it to experienced professionals. Money Tree Billing is equipped to handle all chiropractic billing challenges, allowing you to keep focus on what you do best.

Cost Savings: When paying to outsource, your first thought is not savings. This does not mean they are not there. Often outsourced rates are similar to in-house costs even before you factor in other benefits. By outsourcing you gain increased collections and stability while reducing costs that result from training and maintaining an in-house billing staff.

Insurance Expertise: Money Tree Billing has years of expertise dealing with all types of insurance companies. Chiropractic billing is our specialty. When you partner with a billing company that knows the industry, your business will receive faster claims processing, a reduction in errors, and improved overall collections.

Is outsourcing right for you? In the end, the decision to outsource your chiropractic billing is up to you. Your billing should align with your practice’s objectives and values. Partnering with a reputable chiropractic billing company helps you along the way to the goals listed above. With Money Tree Billing you can streamline your revenue, improve cash flow, and free up valuable time to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional care to your patients.


Money Tree Billing is a chiropractic billing company who removes the distraction of billing from your office so you can focus on changing lives through chiropractic care. Money Tree Billing offers complete billing cycle management through a dedicated and seamless billing process. We empower you and your team with support beyond just billing. Focus on your practice and your passion and we’ll focus on getting you paid. We GUARANTEE our work. Money Tree Billing guarantees if your insurance claim goes unpaid due to our error, that we will credit you the amount you would have been paid on that claim. You won’t find another guarantee like it in the industry. To learn more about Money Tree Billing, and our one-of-a-kind guarantee, visit

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