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Minnesota Blue Cross Blue Shield Providers

SecureCare has released their current Clinical Review Guidelines for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. If you are an in-network provider, you should have received this notification. The guidelines are measured bi-annually and are used as benchmarks in helping SecureCare determine your provider status within the Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN network. This status determines […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem Modifier Policy Update

Anthem of Ohio recently issued a Modifier Policy Update. This update requires a therapy type modifier (GN, GO, or GP) to be used when billing therapy codes. This is similar to the policy previously adapted by United Healthcare. Though we have not yet seen Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem notifications for every state, we expect this will be the […]

BCBS/Anthem Coding Exclusions

We are receiving denials for multiple clinics in different states from Blue Cross Blue Shield and Anthem carriers with coding exclusions. Some policies are rejecting claims with diagnosis code combinations that are no longer allowed per Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem. We do not have an entire list of the codes at this point nor are we […]

The 5 Key Steps to More Time in Your Day

Does it always feel like time is getting away from you? Time management is a sought after topic that has created many best-sellers.  We all wish we had more time in our day.  What if I told you time is the not your issue – YOU are?  Ouch!  That reality hits a nerve and even […]

Mountains, Trails, and Big Ideas: Comfort Zone

All of us have our comfort zone that we prefer to stay in. It’s our comfort bubble. It’s a word that feels warm, safe and let’s face it, it’s easy. But if we all stayed in our comfort zones, wouldn’t it be holding us back to what true greatness lies ahead? Moving even slightly out […]

Absence of Trust- Business Coaching

Last month we discussed current stats on what workers are thinking and feeling in their jobs. Those numbers were a bit of a shocker. Now we are taking this series to the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.  Sounds negative, but it won’t be. This month is the Absence of Trust. The DC – staff relationship […]

Mountains, Trails, and Big Ideas: Bucket List Challenge

MTB was born from a bucket list challenge.  Harriet, CEO of Money Tree Billing, had a long-time goal to travel the country while working remotely from her RV which is exactly what she has started doing this year! Combine that with a passion for teaching and training and you will find both inspiration and motivation […]

Our First MTB Scholarship Winner… Jenna Werre!

For several years Money Tree Billing has been working closely with chiropractors around the nation helping them with their insurance billing needs. Owners and founders, Shannon Roberts and Harriet Holasek have a true passion for the profession based on personal experiences. Now, MTB wants to give back to the profession that has helped them. NWHSU […]

Business Coaching… Why?

Business Coaching… What exactly is it? Does my business need it? You’ve probably thought about business coaching some point in your professional life. After all, we all want our business to be successful and flourish. When you started your practice, you were a wide-eyed, young thing with a passion to help patients.  What you lacked […]

Are You Ready for MIPS 2021?

MIPS 2021

For Money Tree Billing clients, if you are thinking about VOLUNTARILY opting in to participate, please contact MTB for help with the new codes & new MIPS process. As many of you already know, the G8730 Reporting code has been deleted for 2021. This is prompting many of you to ask about MIPS. Below are […]

MN Docs: BCBSMN NEW EFT Enrollment Changes

We wanted to make our Minnesota Docs aware of this update we received February 3 from SecureCare. This is only for CHANGES or NEW EFT ENROLLMENTS We want to ensure you are aware of an important bulletin recently posted by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and Blue Plus (Blue Cross) which could impact your practice. […]

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