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A Complete Billing Cycle Management

Our dedicated seamless billing process empowers you and your team, and supports your business beyond the billing. Focus on your practice, and we'll focus on getting you paid.

Electronic Claim Submission

Monthly Aging Reports

Claim Follow-Up

Account Management Assistance

Statistical Tracking

Client Care Calls

Clearinghouse Management

Billing Department Support

Account Balancing/Clean-Up

Client Responsibility

Monthly Patient Statement Verification

Services and Personal Payment Entry

Benefit Verifications and Treatment Authorizations

We are leaders on chiropractic insurance billing management

Billing and claim collection services are provided by our team of experts

Seamless Service For All Chiropractic Billing Insurance Needs

Technology is continuously changing for chiropractic claims filing.

At Money Tree Billing, we approach billing in a unique way. We strive to be at the forefront of technology so you don’t have to be.

We use remote access to manage your Eclipse Practice Management Software or ChiroTouch software to provide the best service using the latest in billing technology.

See your accounts in real-time. You have the option of calling us regarding any data entry or Eclipse or ChiroTouch questions that may arise. Your database and accounts will be maintained by our staff regardless of date, service, or whether Money Tree Billing is the original biller of the account.

We require that our clinics use Eclipse Practice Management Software or ChiroTouch to help us give you the most efficient billing service we can provide.

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