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Get Reliable, Results-Bases Billing

Remove the Distractions

Become free from billing hassles and empower your team with a reliable billing process that will save you time and money. As an extension of your team, we put our years of experience to work for you.

Save Time & Reduce Stress

How It Works

We have a 96% average collection ratio, making us leaders in chiropractic insurance billing management and we only get paid when you do. Starting at $1,500 a month, maximize your revenue by outsourcing your billing.

At Money Tree Billing, we approach billing in a unique way to give you seamless chiropractic billing services that meets all your needs.


What We Offer

The insurance industry is constantly changing. Instead of training our staff to know a little about everything, we developed specialized departments. Our specialized departments handle specific steps of the billing and claim process to provide you with maximum results. Focus on your practice, and we’ll focus on getting you paid.

Electronic Claim Submission

When possible all claims are sent electronically directly through your software or the clearinghouse.

Clearinghouse Management

We track and watch claims throughout the clearinghouse process to make sure claims are being accepted and to quickly follow up on any claim errors or denials.

Insurance Payment Posting

We post all insurance carrier payments that are received through the clearinghouse, pulled from a provider portal, or sent to you via paper check.

Claim Denials

While posting insurance carrier payments we will follow up on any simple issues and/or denials. If we spot an issue requiring additional investigation, we will flag and pull it to follow up on during a
designated weekly time to ensure we are giving it the time and attention needed to resolve the issue.

AR Management

We will pull an AR report directly from your software on a monthly basis to follow up on unresolved claims.

Patient Statements

Each month we will generate and review your patient statements. We have two options for patient statements, one allowing you to send your own patient statements, and the other where we send them for you.

Statistical Reporting

We generate and track a variety of practice statistics for our clients each month in order to identify trends, averages, and potential concerns.

Training and Support

Though there is a lot going on behind the scenes, every client has a dedicated contact person ready to help! Your Client Contact helps with general insurance questions, account status questions, new team member onboarding, how to best utilize features in your software for insurance billing, and more.

Save Money & Maximize Your Revenue

If you don’t see the benefit of outsourcing your insurance billing. Then it’s time for you to do the math. Here is a side-by-side comparison based on monthly averages.

In-House: $1885-$2440

Outsourcing: $1575-$2150

Go Beyond Your Billing

Bring Your Clinic Success

At MTB we partner with you and go beyond just your billing. Our team is dedicated to helping you grow your clinic and create optimal consistent cash flow.

Statistical Review & Evaluation

Offering business solutions, trends, what is happening in the industry, business building.

Client Strategy Calls

Monthly calls to talk about business development, build relationships, staff training support, a resource for growth.

Efficient Billing Services

Making Your Insurance Billing Seamless

Technology is continuously changing for chiropractic insurance claims filing. At Money Tree Billing, we approach billing in a unique way and strive to be at the forefront of technology so you don’t have to be.
Remote Access

We use remote access to manage your Eclipse Practice Management Software or ChiroTouch software to provide the best service using the latest in billing technology.

We also use ClickUp – an AI-powered project management platform. Helps you to improve client care. It offers a myriad of benefits to each side of the transaction.

Real Time Updates

See your accounts in real-time. Reach out to your dedicated Eclipse or ChiroTouch Client Specialist with questions any time. All MTB staff is located in the United States, and Client Specialists are available Monday-Friday. 

Your database and accounts will be maintained by our staff and are updated on a regular basis, going back 90-days from your start date, regardless of whether Money Tree Billing is the original biller on the account.

Latest Technology

We require that our clinics use Eclipse Practice Management Software or ChiroTouch to help us give you the most efficient billing service we can provide.

Quick & Convenient Billing

A Club That Pays to Join

Stop sending out paper statements that take up your staff’s time and cost you money. Get quick and convenient results when you join the MPS Club and take your clinic digital.

Discover the Benefits of Outsourcing

How to Get Started

Contact Us

For a billing solution that will maximize your revenue, reduce your stress load, and make sense for your clinic.

Schedule Meeting

Let’s talk about what you’re currently doing for insurance collections, what’s working, what isn’t, and what we can do to make it easier.

Make a Plan

If we’re a good fit, we’ll partner with you to save you time, and help you collect more.

We’re a National Billing Service

Solely providing a complete insurance billing solution to chiropractic and physical therapy clinics in most states nationwide.

questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you post payments?

Yes. Money Tree Billing will post all insurance payments on the accounts that we handle. Your office will scan copies of any paper checks and EOB’s and upload them to Money Tree using our secure client portal. We will download Electronic Remits (ERA’s) and pull payment remittances from provider portals (if applicable) automatically each week.

Do you follow up on unpaid claims?
Money Tree Billing will follow up on denied or unpaid claims during three stages of the claims processing cycle. First, at the clearinghouse level, looking for any claims that have errors or are rejected at the time of billing. Second, during the payment posting process, watching for any denials or incorrect processing issues. Lastly, by printing Aged Claims (AR) reports each month to continue to track and follow up on any unpaid claims.
What will it cost?
Our services start at $1500 per month and are based on what is collected on the accounts that we handle for you, not on what you bill.
Does it cost more to outsource?

In most cases, outsourcing your billing is similar to in-house costs and brings increased collections, experience, and stability.

Outsourcing can also save you other employee costs in terms of payroll taxes, WC insurance, PTO, holiday pay, bonuses, raises, and turn-over as well as other billing costs, including HCFA forms, envelopes, postage, office space, and other billing supplies.

Is there a contract?

Money Tree Billing has a basic client contract with a 6-month obligation and 60-day notice thereafter.

How do I know if I should outsource?
There are many factors to consider when deciding if outsourcing is right for your office. Our goal is to partner with chiropractors who, as business owners, understand the importance of growing and stabilizing your business. You know that aligning with the right chiropractic billing company will allow you to focus on your team, your patient care and education, and the wellness of your communities while we reduce your stress, save you time, and optimize your insurance collections.
Do you only bill chiropractic?

Money Tree Billing specializes in billing chiropractic claims, as well as any disciplines under the umbrella of your practice, most commonly including licensed physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and more.

Do you work with my software?

At Money Tree Billing we believe specializing in specific software programs allows us to have extensive knowledge of those programs. Currently, we provide our chiropractic billing services to offices using Eclipse Practice Management software or Chirotouch software (server version).

Do you provide patient statements?

Yes. Every month we generate and review your patient statements. We offer two patient statement options. One option allows you to review and mail your statements from your office. The second option allows for your patient statements to be sent for you.

Do you talk directly to my patients?

No. We never want there to be confusion between you and your patient. You will always directly communicate with your patients and we will directly communicate with you.

What are the responsibilities of my office?
In general, your office will enter the patient into your software, and enter daily charges and over-the-counter payments. You will verify benefits and handle authorizations, if applicable.
How do I know the job is getting done?
At Money Tree Billing, we believe in transparency. We remote directly into your software so you can see the status of your accounts in real-time. We also give you a PDF copy of our completed work for your records so you can see that we have done our job. Beyond that, we track and provide monthly stats so we can both review how your office is trending and performing from month-to-month and year-to-year.
Do you know chiropractic?
Money Tree Billing specializes in chiropractic billing. With over 15 years of in-office experience and almost 20 years of billing company experience, our knowledge of the chiropractic industry is top-notch.
Do you change/update my codes?
Yes and No. If your coding change is a change without options (ie: your exam code was missing a specific modifier necessary for payment) we will fix it for you. However, if your diagnosis code is not valid, we will not take it upon ourselves to change your code. We are not the doctor, nor do we know your patient and their condition. We will instead track and communicate to you what the issue is and what information we need to fix it.

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What our clients say about us

Dr. Kyle Warren
Restorative Health Solutions
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“Using the vitamin calculator helps our front staff to make sure patients have enough vitamins to help them be successful, and that is what this is truly all about. Making it as easy as possible will improve your results. We couldn’t be happier with this simple tool that helps our patients get better results.”
Debbie Hanley
Hanley Chiropractic
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"Money Tree has been amazing! They have friendly knowledgeable staff and are always helpful, fast and accurate! We wish we had started with them years ago!"

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