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Shannon Roberts


Shannon is co-owner of Money Tree Billing LLC, an insurance billing company specializing in chiropractic clinics. Shannon has a love for chiropractic and has closely experienced its ability to change lives. During her in-office years, she repeatedly witnessed the distraction that insurance billing and collections created for doctors. This led to Shannon co-establishing Money Tree Billing in 2007 with the goal to remove that distraction so more people can be touched positively by chiropractic in the same way her family has been.

Get to know Shannon

With over 25 years of experience in the chiropractic field, she is passionate about her company’s vision to “help chiropractors maximize their success”. Her commitment to chiropractic earned her recognition as the “Chiropractic Assistant of the Year” in 2005 and opened the door for her to work with Chiro Advance Services, a leading chiropractic coaching firm in the Minnesota-Wisconsin area as a billing consultant from 2005-2007. More recently, Shannon was a finalist for the nationally recognized Business Excellence Forum awards as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017, competing with other business owners throughout the United States.

Outside of the office, Shannon has been happily married to her husband Dion, who still holds her hand, opens her car door, and makes her smile every day. Together, they have 3 beautiful daughters, Danica, Dacia, and Sadie—each is amazingly unique and can reduce her to ugly tears with proud moments and well-written Mother’s Day cards.

Most recently, Shannon is discovering the joy of being a “Nana” to her granddaughter Mariska and rediscovering what a push-over she is for a ‘pouty lip’ and adorable smile. When not spending time with her family, Shannon enjoys reading (mostly self-improvement with a splash of pointless trashy romance novels), listening to music with a guilty pleasure for boy bands, watching romantic comedies or a good action flick from the 80s, volunteering, being active in her church, and working very hard to not be the worst gardener in history! She is also a big picture dreamer and goal setter who loves a good quote, her current favorite being, “You choose how you show up!”.

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What our clients say about us

Dr. Kyle Warren
Restorative Health Solutions
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“Using the vitamin calculator helps our front staff to make sure patients have enough vitamins to help them be successful, and that is what this is truly all about. Making it as easy as possible will improve your results. We couldn’t be happier with this simple tool that helps our patients get better results.”
Debbie Hanley
Hanley Chiropractic
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"Money Tree has been amazing! They have friendly knowledgeable staff and are always helpful, fast and accurate! We wish we had started with them years ago!"

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