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Quick & Convenient Billing

It Pays to Join

Sending out paper statements takes up your staff’s time and costs you money. Get quick and convenient results when you join the MPS Club and take your clinic digital.

Join the Club

It makes things even easier for your staff and your patients.

Pay Online Option

The convenience of having a pay online option means customers can pay their bills from the comfort of their own homes on their own time. Direct Savings. Save time and money on stamps, envelopes & employee hours. Your clients will save time too!

Ease of View

An easy-to-read format is professional and visually appealing, and customized with your clinic information.


Increase your collections by doing something you already do, but doing it better.


A patient statement system guarantees that statements are sent every month.

Be Relevant

45% of people pay bills online after hours and on weekends. 40% of people never use a checkbook. The MPS Club gives your patients the statement options they are used to having with other providers.

Go Green

Patients will have the option to register to receive electronic statements each month. Money Tree Billing will run and send patient statements once a month. You will be paid di­rectly to your bank account.

Do You Qualify?

The MPS Club is the digital service that we offer our clients. Is MPS right for your business?

questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MPS Club?
The MPS Club is a patient statement option for Money Tree Billing clients. This option converts your patient statements to full-color statements, mails them for you, and allows for online payment options.
Does the MPS Club cost money?
Yes, for an additional fee, an MTB client can sign up for the MPS Club.
How do I know if I should outsource?
There are many factors to consider when deciding if outsourcing is right for your office. Our goal is to partner with chiropractors who, as business owners, understand the importance of growing and stabilizing your business. You know that aligning with the right chiropractic billing company will allow you to focus on your team, your patient care and education, and the wellness of your communities while we reduce your stress, save you time, and optimize your insurance collections.

Get quick and convenient results when you join the MPS Club.

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