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Minnesota Blue Cross Blue Shield Providers

SecureCare has released their current Clinical Review Guidelines for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. If you are an in-network provider, you should have received this notification. The guidelines are measured bi-annually and are used as benchmarks in helping SecureCare determine your provider status within the Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN network. This status determines […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem Modifier Policy Update

Anthem of Ohio recently issued a Modifier Policy Update. This update requires a therapy type modifier (GN, GO, or GP) to be used when billing therapy codes. This is similar to the policy previously adapted by United Healthcare. Though we have not yet seen Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem notifications for every state, we expect this will be the […]

BCBS/Anthem Coding Exclusions

We are receiving denials for multiple clinics in different states from Blue Cross Blue Shield and Anthem carriers with coding exclusions. Some policies are rejecting claims with diagnosis code combinations that are no longer allowed per Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem. We do not have an entire list of the codes at this point nor are we […]

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