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Avoid These 5 Common Insurance Billing Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Common Coding and Billing Mistakes At the core of your practice’s success is financials. While having the best team possible and establishing yourself as a leading provider in your community are important, ultimately business comes down to one question. Are you making money or losing money? Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 medical bills (a […]

Code Updates You Should Know!

We have some updated codes we thought were important for you to know.  The most significant coding update for most chiropractic and physical therapy clinics are: Add:  G44.86– Cervicogenic Headache Note:  When using the G44.86, you should also include an associated cervical spine condition, if known. Add:  M54.50– Low back pain, unspecified Add:  M54.51– Vertebrogenic low […]

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