Ann Granlund

Client Contact & Support Specialist

Ann Granlund has been in the billing field for over 10 years. She joined the Money Tree Billing team after researching the company and finding our organization is in line with her goals and values. She loves that Money Tree has fully embraced technology, which supports her in doing her best work each day.

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Ann brings honesty, transparency, persistence, and attention to detail to her work with our clients. She also enjoys acknowledging the good in the people around her, making her a valued team member. She is passionate about finding answers for her clients, so they get paid as quickly as possible. Ann understands that billing can make or break a chiropractic office. She understands that clients don’t always know how insurance works and takes the time to fully answer their questions and builds trust by explaining why she needs the necessary information from them. The ever-changing rules and regulations of insurance companies motivate her to keep learning and growing professionally in the billing profession.

Ann is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha will always have a special place in her heart – she loved the great variety of art, parks, and the wonderful zoo! She left Omaha to marry a career Air Force man and they now live near Foley, Minnesota out in the glorious country! They have three children and are hoping to get another dog and maybe some chickens soon. For now, they are enjoying all of the wildlife around them like the deer, pheasants, bears, eagles, owls, rabbits, snakes, groundhogs, frogs, and toads.

Along with spending time with her family, Ann’s passion is gardening. She also enjoys arts and crafts, sewing, reading, and cooking (she lived in Okinawa for three years, so you will want to try her cooking!) She is a big fan of Journey, Phil Collins, 80’s Rock, and 80’s Country.

One of the people Ann looks up to the most is her brother Joe. He has always been a strong, encouraging leader in her family. If she needs a positive and supportive answer, he is the go-to guy. Also, her mom had been a steady beacon in her life. She raised five kids and has always been a positive and happy person. She cared for aging parents, aunts, in-laws and never complained and continues caring for strangers through her church food pantry. Ann hopes to have the compassion to do the same for her family and community one day. Ann’s favorite quote is, “Might as Well” because she is always ready to take on whatever you have for her!

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