Dacia Roberts

Remit Specialist

Dacia Roberts has been with Money Tree Billing, LLC since 2019. In her current role she is responsible for pulling and renaming electronic remits to support our deposit department. Dacia decided to join Money Tree Billing for a number of reasons, including the ability to work a flexible schedule from home so she can enjoy being a teenager and focus on her future career goals.

Personal Information


Get to know Dacia

Dacia has many hobbies. She spends most of her free-time with her photography, painting, drawing, cooking, and going fishing. She also enjoys creating in the kitchen–One of her favorite things to cook is authentic Greek Gyros (YUM!). She is also passionate about Taekwondo and recently earned her 2nd Dan black belt.

Dacia has many hopes and dreams for the future. Cliff jumping, traveling to Switzerland, owning her own business, and seeing Dean Lewis in concert, are a few examples from her bucket list.

When in need of encouragement, Dacia recalls her favorite quote, “Pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body, that’s what makes us stronger every day.” These words give her the strength to overcome any challenge before her.

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