Harriet Holasek


Harriet is CEO and co-owner of Money Tree Billing LLC, an insurance billing company specializing in chiropractic clinics. Harriet first started in chiropractic in 1996, working in an office at the front desk and in billing. She chose chiropractic because she was interested in working in a clinic setting; she has stayed in chiropractic after experiencing first hand how life-changing chiropractic has been for her and her family.

Personal Information

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Get to know Harriet

With over 20 years of experience in the chiropractic field, at Money Tree Billing she focuses on integrity, innovation, customer service, team building and accountability. BizX, a national business conference, recognized Money Tree Billing as the 2020 Most Innovative Company of the year, a direct reflection of Harriet’s vision and leadership.

Outside of the office, Harriet has been happily married to her husband Mark, who is her biggest supporter. Together, they have 2 sons, Michael and Sam. As a family they enjoy watching football and hockey, playing games, and enjoying outdoor activities including mountain biking, target shooting and hunting.

In her free-time, Harriet enjoys winning! Whether it is having the fastest mountain biking time or beating her brother in tennis (which only happened once but is still worth gloating about) she is motivated by competition. She also enjoys gardening, traveling, watching a good movie (Sahara is her favorite), running, and fishing. She lives by example, currently accomplishing a major bucket list item as she and Mark travel the country in their RV while working remotely.

Bucket List DONE:

  • Rode 2-up behind husband at Enduro Dirt Bike Race through the woods & finished
  • Traveled to Mexico and Paris
  • Jumped out of an airplane

Bucket List TO DO:

  • Live out of an RV and sell the house
  • Travel to South Korea
  • Employ over 100 people

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