Kim Davis

Billing Specialist

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  • 763-331-0358


Get to know Kim

Kim Davis has been doing medical billing for 12 years. She is currently working in the billing and statement department at Money Tree Billing. Things are always changing in healthcare and because she has a love for what she does it’s easy for her to stay motivated and continue to learn more.

Kim has a passion for art, so in her free time she loves to explore art auctions. She has a wide range of art in her personal collection, she even owns “one of a kind” art. As Kim continues her collection, she wishes to complete her collection of Peter Max. She only needs one more! Kim loves to travel and once took a month long trip to the Caribbean islands. If she were to take another month off, and money was no object, she dreams of taking a cruise around the world. 

Kim grew up in a small town in Northern California. One of her favorite things from growing up there were all of the fruit farms. Now, Kim has been able to check “build my own house” off her bucket list and is currently living in her new house with her other half and their two dogs. To finish up her bucket list, she just has to check off “Retire at an early age”!

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