Mary McWhirt

Billing Specialist

Mary has worked in the medical billing industry for the past 20+ years. Her level of organization and passion for tracking money is what makes her a great deposit specialist at Money Tree Billing. She is proud of being able to find providers billing problems, fixing them, and increasing their bottom line.

Personal Information


Get to know Mary

Mary is married with three children and is the proud owner of Angel Alpaca Farm. The farm includes 10 alpacas, 50 chickens, 5 turkeys, dogs, cats, and a large greenhouse. Mary loves being self-sufficient and in her free time, enjoys growing her own food, learning how to can it, and harvesting livestock.

Mary tries to approach life with a positive perspective even when things seem overwhelming. She has several sayings that keep her going but two of her favorites are: “There are no failures – just chances to learn and maybe take a new road if needed” and “Always ask – the worst you can be told is no” (which is a word she loves to prove wrong). She also looks forward to each chapter in her life even if they are not the way she would want them to be.

Outside of work, Mary has been able to visit Niagara Falls and created a program that actively supports local Veterans. Some of the activities still on Mary’s bucket list include sky diving, traveling by RV across the country with her husband, and visiting Hawaii.

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