Sam Holasek

IT Specialist

Sam Holasek is Money Tree Billing’s resident tech guru. He has the unique ability to troubleshoot complex issues and then find the most optimal solution to the problem. Technology is ever-changing, which is why Sam continuously works to keep his knowledge and skills current in areas such as YouTube Channels, Linus, Tech Tips, and UFD Tech.

Personal Information


Get to know Sam

Sam is an avid gamer (are you surprised?). His favorite games include Halo, Dark Souls, and Destiny. He loves to watch YouTube and his favorite channel is Game Grumps. He’s not all about tech and gadgets, though.

Sam also loves mountain biking and rode in Park City, Utah, a premier mountain biking destination. He aspires to one day learn to do a sick backflip on his bike and to set the fastest mountain bike time at Hillside Park.

His favorite (and accurate) quote comes from Marvel Comics’ Rocket Raccoon: “Everyone is in a hurry to get from something stupid to nothing at all.”

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